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karen Bathalon

Gosh, AM. You two aren't staying in the beach house, are you? I thought you were headed inland somewhere- I hope. I will pray for you and Mona to get through this threat in one piece- and if God could please watch over your house? That'd be the bonus. The focus is on you two.



I can't get over all the goodies you'll be taking to Mona's to watch and weather the storm.

I will be watching and thinking of you from afar, and expecting a "report" of your experience of it all as soon as you wish!

Richard Lawrence Cohen

AM: Love the list of interpretations of "mandatory" - and the list of provisions, too. Here's hoping the experience will turn into a good adventure for you all. Looking forward to more posts on Wilma!

Kathy K

Heh - my area of Cape Coral is under mandatory evac now too. Also evacuating ALL the way to Fort Myers.
Mind you, I only happened to hear we were under mandatory evac because a local news reporter mentioned it in passing. So I suspect they aren't really too worried about us.

My take on meaning:
Voluntary evac only means they'll decide later whether to issue a mandatory evac.
Mandatory means, "you can stay but we ain't coming to rescue you until the storm is over"

Your neigbor.


I hope you and your home weather the storm.

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